[2nd] Year Studio Update

November 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Our last update left us divided into three groups, all working on very different projects. Since then, the art supply store group has moved in two very distinct directions. We have decided upon two approaches to this involved project of re-imagining the current Southern Photo Print & Supply Company building and business. There is now a “Demo” group and a “Reno” group. The demo group is thinking in terms of taking down walls, adding to the structure both exterior and interior as well as changing the purpose of the existing space. The reno group is focusing on how to modify and improve the current retail space and other areas within the building along with a big portion of effort in fixture design and circulation with smaller modifications to the exterior.

Friday was a day for mid-point critique and group presentations to fill the other two groups working on the Soft Lab and The Guest House in on our progress. The scope of this project has really challenged us in terms of how to work as a group with such varying approaches and the process that is involved in completing a design that entails everything from exterior to interior, branding, fixture design, structural integrity, materiality, building codes, form and function and providing a realistic business model for a feasible future art supply store.

We all have agreed upon one common idea, that the face of retail is changing so quickly in today’s society, a business must think outside of the standard brick and mortar retail model and involve a much more interactive experience for the customer in order to be successful. Look out for more to come.

Contributed by Kim Wypasek [2nd] year


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