[1st] Year Update

November 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

In Environmental Design, we are making our first wood project. We had to make a container for a small object that is special to us. For the most part we have enjoyed learning what all the available tools capabilities. One of us learned how powerful the saw is by slicing the top of his finger off. Over all it was a great start in the wood shop and I personally enjoyed working with wood. I thought it be scary, but instead its a great distraction since you have to completely focus on the wood and tools to avoid potential accidents. Most of the projects turned out pretty neat, but most of us were so focused on the wood part that we seemed to have left the poster deliverable as a last minute to do. Stoel Burrows and Hannah Mendoza focused more on the boards during the critiques.

In drawing studio this past week we drew the scene in front of the EUC, before and during the petition to remove the 22 federal offenses. We have also been working on orthographic drawings, by looking at Tetris type puzzle pieces and drawing the top, front, and side views. Then we began working on sections by drawing a piece of fruit and then cutting it and drawing the middle or interior view.

Contributed by Celeste Holley [1st] year student


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