Never Judge a Book by Its Cover….Guest House Field Trip!

October 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

Last week I discussed the different projects [2nd] year is taking on to finish off the Fall Semester. As a refresher, students got to choose between three groups: 1) working on a guest house potentially turning into a bed and breakfast 2) Art Sup-ply store renovation 3) The future soft-lab adjacent to CAM studio focusing on storage/cabinetry. Since I’m  in the Guest House group I will focus on our field trip to Raleigh and Judy’s home, which from first glance can be a little overwhelming. As we walked through the house we instantly got embraced with the rare artifacts and paintings throughout the home. Each bedroom had a different theme and was personalized to there liking. This home is filled with color and personality. Take a look at some of this magnificent photos taken by some of our students.


Dining Room of Guest House

livingrmGHAfrican Artifact in Living Room of Guest House

Images provided by various students in Guest House project.

Contributed by Nishira Johnson [2nd] year


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