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Creating posters, boards, booklets, or anything other form of a presentation is a large part of the Interior Architecture program and designing. The concept and ideas can be great in your head, but it is about how you convey your ideas to everyone else that makes a design great, and InDesign is a great program to help you with doing so. Below are some tips to help you convey your concept and customize your presentation to more accurately show off your design.

Image Corners:

Make your concept show in every little aspect, even to the picture shape. Square or rectangular photos don’t always fit the concept, for example, if your concept is something that is round, curved, jagged, or pixelated, let your images be that way too. Once selecting an image in InDesign, a blue border should appear, and in the upper right corner of the border, there will be a yellow box that says “Click to edit corners” when you hover over it. Once clicked, yellow diamonds will appear and you can change the corners of the image by dragging all or a single corner.

A few options when editing corners in InDesign.

A few options when editing corners in InDesign.

Masking Images:

Another way to customize your images is to use “Paste Into” and have your image conform to a given shape. Simply click the circle in the center of the image, also known as the “content grabber”, which should then create an orange border around the image. Then go up to “Edit” and select “Cut”. Then select the shape that you would like the image to conform to, go back up to “Edit” and then select “Paste Into”.

An example of the "Paste Into" tool.

An example of the “Paste Into” tool.

Wrapping Text:

Sometime combining text and images can be difficult if you don’t have rectangular images and rectangular text ( who wants to look at that anyway?). If you have an image that you want to stand out more, or an image that has interesting edges that you would like show off, then wrapping the text around the image is the way to go. First, go up to “Window” and select “Text Wrap” to open the menu. Then, you can click on the image that you would like for text to wrap around, and then select one of the wrapping options from the menu. To learn more, you can check out this tutorial at

An example of wrapping text around an image or an object.

An example of wrapping text around an image or an object.

For more information about InDesign tutorials or tips, please feel free to visit

Contributed by Beckie Yohn [5th] year

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