A Guest Speaker from UNCG’s Theatrical Lighting Department

October 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

On Thursday, Maruja Torres and the rest of IAR 334, Light and Sound, took a field trip to UNCG’s Taylor Theatre. There, theatrical lighting designer Ken White spoke to the class about the process of designing with light for theatrical performance. He also emphasized the similarities and differences between theatrical and architectural lighting. One of the main differences between the two is that in theatre, the lighting design is temporary. Lights are installed, rigged, and programmed for a particular show, and when the show ends, the lights are removed and reconfigured before the next performance. That’s very different than the way we program light because architectural lighting plans are chosen once and, hopefully, rarely need to be changed. Its also interesting to note that in theatre, lighting designers are revealing something to a third party audience with little consideration for the way light affects the performers on stage. In an architectural setting, the focus is the opposite and those who are in the space are the main consideration for the types of lighting involved. This field trip encouraged students to look at light differently and to understand different ways of using light as a design medium. Additionally, it served as a reminder that Interior Architecture is an extremely diverse, interdisciplinary field.

Contributed by Chelsea Green, [3rd] year 

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