Introducing the Makerbot: Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

October 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Did you know that the CAM studio has a 3-D scanner? Well, there are actually two available for use but, here, you will be introduced to the MakerBot: Digitizer desktop 3D scanner. This scanner has been generously provided by the Art Department and it is available for use by students in the Gatewood Building.

So, what is a 3-D scanner and why would someone want to use one? A 3-D scanner is used to digitize an object in order to make a 3-dimensional representation of it in the computer; kind of like Flynn in Tron. Speaking of Tron, most people think of 3-D scanners being used in the film industry for making animated versions of actors.

As interesting as that is, when and why would an Interior Architecture student want to use one? It really comes in handy when a designer wants to make a 3-dimensional CAD rendering of a space of interest. If the designer wanted to put a specific, and unique, item into the space, they could simply scan the item and drop it into the modeled space. It saves the designer a great deal of time and effort while producing un-paralleled accuracy in the finished product, when compared to a model produced by hand. The MakerBot : Digitizer desktop 3D scanner, in the CAM studio, is a small scale scanner and can be used to scan objects ranging in size and comes complete with a rotational plate that helps improve its scanning accuracy. Just be sure to keep the film plate over the laser when it’s in use at all times. Also, the scan time runs at 9 min for every object scanned, so it’s a pretty quick process that allows you to possibly save a lot of time on projects. Have questions about this item? You can ask CAM assistants or check out CAM’s website here.

Contributed by Jolene Mallen, [2nd] Year.

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