[1st] Year Update

October 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

In Design Studio we have been thinking of design actions.  It started with picking thirteen of the design actions and putting the actions on thirteen cards and then showing that action in some way.  It was going to be read as flashcards.  We surprisingly had a whole week to do this, I started second guessing my self because most of the time we only get two days maybe four, but a whole week it had to be more complicated.  It wasn’t though Stoel Burrows went around and checked everybody’s cards.  Stoel said most of our cards were too literal, so we made the pictures of the actions more abstract.  Next Stoel and Hannah Mendoza wanted us to create sketch models of a 3D figure that has three of the thirteen actions we first picked, represented in the figure.  Then we had two days to make the 3D figure and then critiqued our work.  Of course, their was a lot of room for improvement.

In Drawing Studio, we have been drawing six or more scenes of Tate Street.  The assignment was to portray the life on Tate Street, which was a perfect time since Tate Street Festival was last weekend.  We all had our on way of capturing Tate, some did grids and some did a collage.  There were lots of street signs and coffee. Probably because that is why a lot of people go to Tate Street, for the coffee to wake up after long nights working on a project.

We also had our conferences these past two weeks.  Most of us were glad to get one-on-one feedback discussing how the faculty thought we were performing.  Most of us were pleased to hear that we weren’t failing at everything. They could see our progress and effort.

Contributed by Celeste Holley [1st] Year

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