1st Year Studio Update

September 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

We have been working on patterns, patterns, patterns but not ordinary patterns.  It started with finding several patterns that were not meant to be patterns therefore tree bark was one of the major “patterns” used by a lot of students.  Then we chose one of our patterns to make variations out of the pattern. From there we were to make a whole new pattern out of one or more of the variations.  When Stoel Burrowes and Hannah Mendoza told us how much the first patterns were lacking in several aspects, they told us to do it again.  So, I was glad that we did get the second chance to redeem ourselves.  The second time everybody brought their A-game, because most of them were pretty amazing, in my opinion.  Even Hannah and Stoel seemed pretty pleased, but its hard to tell.  Most of their comments compared different patterns rather than talking about how to improve them.

We never stay on one assignment long. Next, we moved on to creating our patterns in 3D, but in different ways.  We had to create at least five 3D objects using our pattern as a muse and once they saw those they told use to do it again.  “Do it again” is a saying that we are quickly learning to get use to hearing.  Next, we had to create three to ten schemes and by this part of the process I was running out of ideas, and I also found out I was not the only one.  My classmates and I were finding how ego crushing this class can get and how we feel like we are just scrambling up something that looks kind of cool.  We also keep looking ahead to see when we can use that laser cuter and 3D printer.  Stoel told the class of items used in projects that he likes such as string, paint, and cardboard.  The final of our 3D projects are due Monday and my other classmates and I are hoping that we learned just enough to make a good impression with these projects.

In the Drawing Studios we have been working on contour lines and proportions.  Tommy Lambeth and Stoel Burrowes want us to see the object and draw it for what it is and not see and draw the object that is in our head.  Stoel put gloves up on the table then half way into that he through his boots up there.  Some of the drawings looked like gloves and boots, but most did not, mine didn’t, but that is all part of the fun in this practice.

We also worked with proportions by holding up our pencil to use as a measurement tool. We also went out to the new tunnel on Lee Street and the area behind the Aycock Auditorium to draw the spaces outside.  Tommy and Stoel wanted us to focus more on the bigger picture and decide which details were important enough to be draw. Bricks were the major example, they did not want us to draw every brick, but rather encourages us to find a way to suggest that it was a brick wall.  Now our assignment is trying to capture the life on Tate Street by drawing six to eight different scenes that can be seen on Tate Street. For this, the instructors want life and movement depicted in our drawings, not a still picture.  I sure that these action pictures are going to be interesting.

Contributed by Celeste Holley [1st] year


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