[3rd] Year Field Trip to the Greensboro Science Center

September 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

2014-09-03 16-08-19

In place of their usual lecture on Thurday, August 28th, Maruja Torres & IAR 334 [Light & Sound] ventured to the Greensboro Science Center for a special presentation about light. The tour guide of light, Rick, explained and illustrated various properties of light and demonstrated fascinating light tricks that relate to those properties. Light is the only thing that we can see, he explained. Every object reflects and absorbs different amounts of light. That light is interpreted by our eyes as the colors, textures, and values we perceive. He also explained that mixing light is a subtractive process. Unlike the additive process of mixing paints, where all the primaries (red, yellow, & blue) yield black, when you mix the primary colors of light (red, green, & blue), you get white. He demonstrated this property by projecting red, blue, and green onto the screen at the front of a dark room. He then called on [3rd] year student Morgan Rigsbee to stand in front that screen. In the resulting pattern of shadows, each of her silhouettes was a different hue. This visual really helped the students to remember this property of light. Rick also discussed ways to apply these light tricks to interiors, suggesting them for commercial use, in window displays, or in nightlife environments.

Contributed by Chelsea Green, [3rd] year 


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