Glenwood Mural Ribbon Cutting

September 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

The Glenwood Mural designed by CC-ED, the Glenwood community, as well as IARc and UNCG art students, was unveiled last July after months of prep-work, research and hands on labor. The final design was selected and completed after tons of collaboration between students (i.e. department charettes) and discussions with residents in Glenwood. Once a design was selected, students and residents alike began working on the project together. Many worked on painting the mural on the wall-including students from local Glenwood schools such as the Hope Academy and Morningstar Academy. The piece was a culmination of the skills of those involved, which allowed everyone to feel confident and proud in their contribution to the artwork in the mural. Once the mural was complete, a ceremonial ribbon cutting took place on July 25th; were Glenwood community members, people whom worked on the mural and anyone else excited about the project could attend and participate in the festivities.

painting mural

Photo Credit: Travis Hicks UNCG IARc Assistant Professor

ribbon cutting

Photo Credit: Travis Hicks UNCG IARc Assistant Professor

-Jolene Mallen
2nd year IARc Student


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