Interview with Georgia Brown

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Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown in action on the field for the UNCG Women’s soccer team. Photo courtesy of Georgia Brown


Passion, creativity, drive and an analytical mindset are among some of the qualities that we IARc students bring to the table. We come from all different walks of life and are proud to embrace our diversity. I had the pleasure of speaking with [2nd] year student, Georgia Brown, who happens to have a very interesting life outside of our IARc walls. She is a forward/defender for UNCG’s Women’s soccer with impressive stats and past achievements including international success and travels in Japan with the FIFA Under-20 women’s World Cup.

Georgia: Wow, this is so nice that you guys are interested and want to write an article!

Where are you from?

Georgia: Queenstown, New Zealand.

Why did you decide to play for UNCG and did your intended major play a factor?

Georgia: I was focused on two things when being recruited and that was that the school had interior architecture and secondly that the soccer team was Division One and played at a good competitive level.

Were you named after the song “Sweet Georgia Brown”? Sorry, I’m sure you get that a lot.

Georgia: [laughs] No, I wasn’t. Although, I don’t think I will ever escape that!

Now, let’s talk about why you’re here.

Why IARc?

Georgia: I was probably inspired from my parents always building and renovating houses. I like that it doesn’t involve hours of study and there is more hands on work.

The “Student Life”

What has been the most challenging part of being a star athlete and an IARc student?

Georgia: I wouldn’t say “star” athlete [laughs] our whole team is the star of our success. The most challenging part would be juggling work and soccer, especially in season, with always being away. It’s definitely tiring, which can sometimes prove to be a struggle being a 100% in class.

Do you ever sleep?!

Georgia: During the weekdays… not really because that’s when I’m keeping up with my work. The weekends are days we have games, so I like to be in bed by ten. Such a grandma, I know.

What is the one thing that your fellow teammates just don’t get about your major?

Georgia: When our assignments have a lot of abstract work involved. For example, when I was in first year and we were doing that assignment with sticks and twigs, I was on an away trip, and while we were out for dinner as a team, waiting on our food, I was outside trying to find twelve perfect looking sticks… I don’t blame them. [laughs]

Conversely, what is the one thing that you think your fellow classmates may not understand about being a university soccer player?

Georgia: I’m not sure how much they know or understand, but if I were to assume they didn’t know much, it would probably be the hours of work on and off the pitch we put in and even just the mental stress of competition in games and training. Not to mention the early mornings!

Does IARc inspire you on the field or does soccer inspire you in your studies?

Georgia: I would probably say soccer is the rock in my life, like any relationship, I’ve known soccer for longer and am still getting to know and learn about architecture. They both work hand in hand, I guess. When soccer gets stressful, architecture is a get-away and vice versa.

Are there any similarities between being an athlete and being an IARc student?

Georgia: Mmmm… Both require lots of work… and passion.

What has been you favorite part, so far, of being in the IARc program?

Georgia: Experiencing that satisfying feeling of finishing the portfolio and being able to look back on all the work we have done.

Also meeting all people and making new friends!

Random Facts

Do you have other endeavors or community activities that you think rock and others should try too?

Georgia: Sadly, no. I think if I tried to add any extracurricular activity to my life I would explode [laughs] or just fail miserably. But if going out to eat good food counts, I can recommend going to “Crafted” down town which is a great taco place.

No doubt, with your travels with the FIFA Under-20 women’s World Cup and your home country, you’ve seen a lot of interesting places and people.  Tell me something you think makes UNCG stand out and unique.

Georgia: Well, compared to other places, UNCG holds a special place in my heart because of the people I’ve met and the lifelong friends I have here. It is like a second home to me now.

5 things we may not know about you

Georgia: I’m known, by the architecture students, for being more quiet, but my team mates would probably describe me as overly outgoing and one of the loudest on the team.

I’m super competitive. To the point it can be unhealthy sometimes. [laughs]

I think I’m addicted to music and would prefer headphones to be permanently attached to my ears.

I have the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen. She is also the favourite child in my family. [laughs]

I used to be a competitive ski racer and when I got to the age of fourteen, I had to choose between soccer and ski racing.

Finally, what quote would you say sums up your life motto?

Georgia: Yolo. [laughs] but on a more serious note…

“You only miss the shots you don’t take”


Contributed by Kim Wypasek [2nd] year


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