CVA Gallery Exhibit Recognition

September 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

This May, two faculty members and student  represented the Interior Architecture Department with their work being displayed in the “Art & Design Student & University Staff Exhibition.” The two faculty members who had work displayed are Tommy Lambeth and Stoel Burrowes. The student who submitted was an IARc graduate, Lyndsey Blackmon.

“I spent some time researching the concept of ‘wellbeing.’ I addressed my desire to use painting as a responsive and emotional approach to addressing my own wellbeing as well as looking at how a designers’ personal interests can become creative, energetic drivers for their other work.”
-Lyndsey Blackmon

Lyndsey submitted two paintings, mixed media (acrylic and prismacolor pencil) for the exhibit. They are seen in the picture below. The painting on the left is entitled April, Two Years Ago and the painting on the right is titled Raze It, Raze It. Both paintings were completed in 2014. We are so proud of our department members!

CVA exhibit

image courtesy of Center for Visual Artists Website 


Contributed by: Torrey Orlopp [4th] Year



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