[3rd] Year Studio Spotlight: Steelcase Design Competition

September 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

Photo Credit: Steelcase Competition Website

This semester, students in Stephanie Brooker and Maruja Torres‘ [3rd] year studio are participating in the NEXT Student Design Competition, by Steelcase. Steelcase is a global developer and manufacturer of furniture, technology products, and services for corporate offices. With a focus on sustainability and the future, Steelcase also works to improve small business, healthcare, and higher education environments. The competition centers around designing the interior of a two-story building that is part of the hypothetical NEXT University in Norfolk, Virginia. To prepare for designing this space, [3rd] year studio students have been exploring how a space can better facilitate education and learning. In teams of four, students investigated relevant topics such as contemporary and traditional classroom design, universal design, building codes and design standards, pedagogical practices and theories, and others to create a pool of information to reference during the design process. After wrapping that up on Wednesday of this past week, [3rd] year students are now moving forward into the concept ideation process. The concept that each student chooses will then be used to determine how all subsequent design decisions are made. The above image & more information about the competition can be found here. Contributed by Chelsea Green, [3rd] year

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