Travis’ [4th] Year Studio Final Critique

April 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Currently in Travis Hicks’ [4th] year studio, students are in the design development stage of their community engagement projects. This assignment began in the beginning of the semester when the class was asked to find a problem in the community that they could solve through design. Students proposed their community engagement projects in January, developed their designs to a schematic design level by midterm, and are now developing designs into a complete stage. Examples of projects include a free expression wall that Anuj Patel, John Jeppsson, and Rajee Wilson are building out of lumber, tiny houses for the homeless population that Audrey Waggoner and Sarah Mabry are designing, disaster-proof housing that Blakeni Walls is developing, and Habitat for Humanity houses that Kristy Stroud, Tuan Vo, and Morgan Cates are helping to renovate. Everyone is invited to our final review on Tuesday, April 29th from 1-4 pm in Room 401.

Blakeni Walls' Disaster-proof Housing renderings

Blakeni Walls’ Disaster-proof Housing renderings

Audrey Waggoner's Tiny House drawings

Audrey Waggoner’s Tiny House drawings

Contributed by Monica Browning [4th] year



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