IARc Symposium Honoring Novem Mason and Mary Miller-AM Seminars

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From April 2-4, the Novem Mason Symposium was held.  On Thursday, April 3 there were various seminar lectures by faculty and other members of the design community that spoke throughout the day on various aspects of the creation/design process. I attended 4 seminars held in the morning hours with topics ranging from design failures, sustainability, technology, and preservation in the design process.

The first seminar was held by Tommy Lambeth, (former IARc department chair).  He spoke about his own design failures and his process of learning from them. During his presentation he showed the audience examples of pieces he felt were less than becoming and told us how he grew from them. His main point: don’t be afraid to fail, its okay, don’t stop working at it because you’ll grow from it in the end.

During the second seminar, held by Beth McGee, we did a walk through of the IARc department library. We learned during her presentation that Novem Mason donated a great deal of the books currently available to students and staff for loan. We also learned about the cataloging done within the library in order to organize the books available.  And lastly we talked about the library’s focus on sustainability.

During the third seminar, held by Doug Leckie and Dickie Cox, the topic changed to speak about the need for both handmade and computer fabricated design. We met within the Gallery on the first floor of the Gatewood building, where we toured the pieces on display that used both handmade and computer fabricated design features; like CAM, CAD, Shapeways, etc. Within this seminar the overall theme was stressed that both methods of design are needed to create a cohesive and successful project.

During the fourth and last seminar attended, held by Jo Leinmenstoll, she spoke about the need and importance of preservation within design and communities. She showed examples of this with photos taken from her own classes she teaches during the summer and spring semesters.

Symposium AM presentation images together

Photo Credits: Jolene Mallen

Contributed by Jolene Holbrook [1st] year





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