Trip to BC Workshop in Dallas, TX

April 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

In March, a select group of students and faculty had the opportunity to attend the Building Communities (BC) Workshop on community engaged design in Dallas, TX. Among this group was Shelley Gates, a [3rd] year undergraduate student in Interior Architecture. “It was an incredible experience all around. One of the most important things I took away from this experience is the understanding that members of a community are the experts on that community, and a designer cannot simply come in without listening to the voices of the community to make their design decisions.”

Laura Cole’s 3rd year studio is currently working on fine-tuning their tiny house projects in groups of seven or eight to submit to the Small House Contest. Shelley explained that one of the houses the group visited during the BC Workshop was 850SF, energy star rated, and cost only $65,000. This truly inspired her and she brought back her findings to her small house group to energize them as well! Shelley is also involved in the Cottage Grove Initiative and she has great ideas and insights to bring to the table about community engaged design thanks to this educational trip.

Below are three pictures of this trip taken by both Shelley Gates and Travis Hicks.





contributed by Torrey Orlopp [3rd] year


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