Glenwood Explorers final presentations

November 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

[2]nd year students in Beth McGee’s studio are following up their Glenwood Explorers final presentations by submitting some of their entries into the IIDA Sustainable Student Design Competition.  Their final presentations took place on Friday 8th in Gatewood and included a digital presentation and a gallery viewing of their models, print sets, programs, and posters.  The digital presentation started with a review of the design process. This included research about the Glenwood Neighborhood and the Neighborhood master plan in order to identify the community’s goals. This guided them to what their class goals for this project were and led them to include valueable interviews with community members and other stakeholders.  They then surveyed the sites of six homes in Glenwood that are currently vacant and surround the UNCG expansion in Glenwood.  The existing documentation and programming for these homes led to a desire to design adaptations to these homes that would be attractive to modern families that included sustainable design within universal design guidelines.  The concept of universal design had also personally been explored by the students through each member artifically experiencing a new physical limitation and led to understanding the importance for universal design,  ADA, and code integration.  It also introduced sustainability; an intro to LEED; historic preservation; CAD; additonal hand rendering practice; making print sets; and fixtures, furniture, equipment specifications; and material selection.  After their digital presentation overview of the design process each group also presented their projects.  This project was a big challenge but led to great results aimed at sustainability and designs that are aimed at safety, comfort, beauty, and sustainability.

For a link to more of their explorations see:

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Submitted by Beth McGee, Faculty


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