Bartlett Yancey High School Project

October 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Bartlett Yancey Senir High Schoool

Last week, Laura Cole’s [4th] year students presented the final designs for the science wing of Bartlett Yancey High School located in Yanceyville, NC.  Early in the semester students went to the high school where they were given a tour of the campus and the opportunity to meet with the teachers about what did and did not work in their classrooms.  A few weeks later the IARc students had a chance to meet with the high school students for their opinions about the space.  The class put together a digital programming document web page ( and utilized this to develop their concept driven plans.  The class divided into two groups, one which could move walls, and one that could not.  Both situations provided a challenging tasks. During their final presentation on October 23rd the IARc students presented their plans and materials to the teachers who were very impressed with the level of detail given to these projects.  Our students were fortunate to have real clients who might actually implement some of their ideas.

Contributed by [4th] Jack Kennedy


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