Professor Hannah Mendoza’s Journey to Mexico

September 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

It is always refreshing to speak with Professor Mendoza, and recently I had the opportunity to interview her about her trip to Mexico.

Professor Hannah Mendoza spent seven and half months in Mexico, experiencing the culture, education system, politics, and lifestyle of Mexico. Her experience there was eye opening and informative. Mendoza spent much of her time with locals as she wanted to obtain a better understanding of their general way of life, as well as, explore further into their style of weaving, which is a great interest to her.   Mendoza discussed the many things that we as American’s take for granted, and how her experience in Mexico was humbling.  Also as she was able to bring her children on this adventure,  I was interested in knowing how they responded and adapted to the change of living in a foreign country, and how they were able to continue their education.  She said that overall the children loved their experience, and that it was actually easier to enroll her kids in school in Mexico than it is in the US, but due to how frequently she and her family moved around, they eventually decided it was best to home school them.

Although supportive and excited about the once in a lifetime experience for Professor Mendoza and her family, the IARc students and faculty members warmly welcome her back to UNCG!

Contributed by Lakiesha White [3rd]  year


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