Canopy House Developments

September 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dinning Room Furniture with Bench and Bar

Dining Room Furniture with Bench and Bar built for the Canopy House

Over the summer, a group of IARc students collaborated to design and build furniture for the Canopy House. The Canopy House is Team Tidewater Virginia’s entry into the 2013 Solar Decathlon, a design competition hosted by the Department of Energy that allows collegiate teams to design, build, and operate cost-friendly and attractive solar powered homes. Travis Hicks led the group along with support from Stoel Burrowes and Matt Jones, allowing the students opportunities to complete an independent study, internship, or studio.

Dining Room Chairs

Dining Room Chairs close up image

The furniture built during this summer include but are not limited to the following pieces! A bed frame, designed and constructed by [4th] year Willie Tarver was completed, this piece of furniture is designed to harmonize with a bedroom set built by alumni Brian Peck during his [4th] year at UNCG. [3rd]  year graduate student Susan Webster and [2nd] year Morgan Rigsbee designed and built the dining room table. This table was designed to complement a set of chairs which were designed by [2nd] year graduate student Sunny Qu. These chairs were built by a group of students including: [2nd] year graduate student Sunny Qu, [4th] year Kelsey Walker, [3rd] year Sharena Steeple, [3rd]year graduate student Lauren Postlmayr and [3rd]year graduate student Ashley Dale. Another item that was designed and built this summer would be the wood slat wall constructed by [4th] year Holly Burda. Finally a complete set of light fixtures designed by [3rd] year graduate student Claudia Aguilera, consisting of table lamps, pendant fixtures, and floor lamps.

Bedroom Set

Bedroom Set for the Canopy House

Unfortunately, Team Tidewater recently had to withdraw from the competition due to financial issues, but four UNCG students were chosen to attend the Solar Decathlon trip to California in October and will continue to make the trip. They are excited to explore California and the other Solar Decathlon Houses, this will be a learning opportunity to understand how the competition works for future reference! UNCG is still in collaboration with Old Dominion and Hampton University to complete the house, so stay tuned to find out more information as new developments come into play!

Contributed by [2nd] year Morgan Rigsbee

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