Study Abroad: Katie Moyer

September 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Photo Provided by Katie Moyer

Image credit: Katie Moyer

[4th] year Katie Moyer had an exciting time studying abroad in the spring semester.

TG: Where did you get to travel to and when?
KM: I studied abroad in Plymouth, England during the Spring of 2013. I was also able to travel around the UK, Spain, and Portugal.

TG: What led you to go there? Had you always wanted to or was it just the option that made the most sense at the time?
KM: I had always wanted to go to the UK and both the location and the program at Plymouth University seemed like a good fit for me.

TG: Tell us about something that was unique about getting an education abroad (aside from any language barriers):
KM: The hardest thing to get use to in England was the different spelling of certain words and the different units of measurement.

TG: What sort of projects or areas of interest were you focused on during your time there?
KM: I had three main projects while I was at Plymouth University. They focused on the interior design and layout of three different types of spaces: health care design, residential design, and commercial design.

TG: In what ways do you think this experience has enhanced your education?
KM: It was nice to get a similar educational experience from a different perspective and meet people from different places.

TG: Did you find anything interesting to bring home as a keepsake?
KM: Some of my friends and I took a last minute trip to the beach one day and I bought a Hope Cove Life Boat bracelet that was for a fundraiser to help support the local coast guard.

TG: What was your favorite place to visit in the town where you stayed? Any amazing restaurants or museums?
KM: My favorite place to visit on nice days in Plymouth was the large waterfront park about a 15-minute walk from campus. My favorite restaurant was The Pastry House, which served Cornish Pastries, which are like chicken potpies in the form of a pastry with all different kinds of filling.

Katie recommends that anyone who is interested in studying abroad to sign up! See Professor Mendoza if you are interested in the study abroad program.

Contributed by [1st] year Taylor Ghost


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