Study Abroad: Paige Hohlt

September 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

This past Spring Semester IARc student Paige Hohlt, [4th ] year, traveled to Växjö, Sweden to study at Linnaeus University. Linnéuniversitetet is located in southern Sweden, about a two-hour train ride from Stockholm. Sweden was Paige’s top choice because of several reasons—they were named the Green Capital of Europe, they drink a lot of coffee, everyone speaks English, and the Scandinavian aesthetic is her favorite type of design. When she had spare time, which was quite often (because Swedes value a balanced lifestyle), she explored the campus. It was nestled on several lakes and beside a castle.  She also made her way to different parts of the country.


Paige Hohlt on a frozen lake on campus, February, Sweden, Image credit: Paige Hohlt

Paige took classes in Industrial Design, which was a new realm of design for her. Her professor worked as an Industrial Designer for Ikea for decades so it was quite interesting to receive that insight. The Swedish method for teaching is very laid back, and it is up to the student to learn the material. Paige is used to working consistently on her projects, so it was new to not be working as frequently.


Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Image credit: Paige Hohlt

Paige’s greatest adventure was a trip to Russia, passing through Helsinki, Finland and Riga, Latvia along the way. She found Russia more of a cultural shock than Sweden. It was the first time she encountered a language barrier, and passing through Russian border control was one of the most intimidating things she has ever done.


Old Town Stockholm, Image credit: Paige Hohlt

Most of her time was in Växjö, but she also visited Malmö, Stockholm, and a bit of Copenhagen, Denmark. She got a taste of Sweden’s high standard of living, a plethora of food holidays, gender equality, and was able to admire the use of public transportation (which she misses greatly). Paige adored her exchange and encourages anyone thinking about going abroad to do so. She met many amazing people, and shared new experiences that will carry on with her for a lifetime.


Edge of campus, June, Image credit: Paige Hohlt


Contributed by Paige Hohlt [4th] year


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