Stoel Burrowes’ Award Winning Design

April 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Assistant Professor Stoel Burrowes has designed another award winning chair – winner of one of the Golden A’ Design Awards. Stoel credits his design for the chair to his father, stating that his father used to say, “Chairs are the most difficult to design well. It’s easy to design and make a $5,000 chair, but its hard to make a $500 chair.”

The website for the Golden A’ Design Award and Competition explains the details of the chair: “The front legs pass through the seat to become the king post and the back legs reach to the crest. With triangulation this design realigns the forces of compression and tension to maximum visual complexity with physical strength and comfort. … 25 years of experience and research in woodcraft and furniture design and production have led the designer to this chair design. May 2010, an initial prototype after numerous models, sketches and parts samples is produced. July 2011 an initial order is delivered. Original iterations, models, prototypes and production in North Carolina, USA. Teaching design at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has also been important to this development of the ‘A’ Back Windsor Chair.”

This is a wonderful accomplishment for Stoel! Not only once but twice he has won this award for his furniture design.

Model Chair at the Photoshoot



Contributed by Lakiesha White, [2nd] year.


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