[1st] Year explores Fallingwater and Monticello

April 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

Last weekend, the [1st] year IARc students visited Monticello and Fallingwater. Our class discussion focused on the differences between the two structures. Monticello reflects neoclassic times in Europe, while Fallingwater is very much a part of the Modernist era. However, our class learned that, while constructed during different times, these two places have a strong relationship with nature. Fallingwater was constructed away from the city and in a private, relaxing outdoor retreat. Monticello was built upon a secluded mountaintop where Jefferson could watch over UVA and the rest of Charlottesville. When I visited both places, I was really awe-inspired and motivated to continue with this program. I also gained more appreciation for our program here at UNCG, because our program gives us these great opportunities to see these magnificent places of great architecture. This trip has wrapped up a chapter in our [1st] year career and we are all excited to see what is to come for [2nd] year!

Contributed by Rebecca Hale, [1st] year student



First years at Fallingwater

First years at Fallingwater


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