Don’t Fear The Clean Slate: Erin Lewis, in situ Founder, Speaks With IARc

March 11, 2013 § Leave a comment


On March 6, Erin Sterling Lewis, who founded in situ studio with Matt Griffith, came to speak with the IARc department about the topic of a clean slate. Erin discussed her idea that a clean slate is the initial nothingness that designers have when given a new project. Erin says that this clean slate, while scary, is crucial in our design process.

Erin detailed her firm’s recent projects of designing residences, a church, and even a set of town homes, and discussed the process of taking risks and challenging yourself in your career field.  Erin discussed taking risks when she spoke of her decision to leave the firm of her previous employer, the prolific architect, Frank Harmon. Though she loved working for Harmon and admired the firm greatly, she felt she had to take route and follow her dreams of having her own architecture firm with her partner Matt. When she made this leap of faith to open up her own firm, in situ studio (in situ is latin for “natural position”), she was starting a clean slate of her own. Erin told design students in attendance to challenge themselves and go after what is important…do not fear the clean slate!

Contibuted by: Rebecca Hale

Image by Lyndsey Blackmon


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