Finding our work in other places

March 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

As an IARc student, we learn about a wide variety of subjects, and, sometimes, the subjects we study appear when we least expect them.  Two weekends ago, I was on the annual Staunton trip with a group of friends from my Cornelia Strong College “Living Learning Community.” We spent the weekend watching Shakespearean plays at the Black Fryers Play house and wandering around the many antique shops.

As I was looking though one shop, I looked around a corner and saw a Maytag washer and wringer. Having studied this machine as an IARc student, I stood for several minutes looking at the machine and then proceeded to explain to my friends what this seemingly useless rusted basin was and told them the history behind it. Then, later that day, I found another piece of my research in another antique shop, a Richmond heater. I spent a few moments looking at it, and was mildly surprised by how small it was. Although I was more surprised that I had seen two items from my studies in one day, it reminded me that even after the research is over that we are still taking route to learn.

Contributed by Natalie Johnson [2nd] year


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