Moving On In [2nd] Year

February 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Off the elevators at the Odell Office

Off the elevators at the Odell Office

Odell Front Office

Odell Front Office

As the spring semester moves on, I was blessed to have the opportunity to do an informal interview for my Communications class CST-341 project. The project interview was supposed to be on someone in my field of work. I decided to expand my horizons and drive down to Charlotte to meet with Terry Moore of Odell Design Firm. Terry was a wonderful and exciting interviewee, and passionate about what she does for Odell!

Meet Terry Moore, Lead Principle Design Manager for the WORK:

What is Odell’s focus?

Odell focuses on the interior architecture and interior design for WORK, PLAY, and CARE.


Terry has a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin.

She worked for Little & Associates for 25 years, but decided to leave the company because she was not comfortable with the direction it was heading.

She is head of the WORK department of the company’s interior design and has now been with Odell for one month, designing buildings and other areas for work spaces.

What made you come to Odell?

“The people, the environment that this company showcases is just amazing. They give each designer full support, and provide a caring and nurturing place to work. Odell is revamping its style of design and I am just happy to be able to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to move the company forward.”

What professional organizations are you a part of or do you think are important?

“I’m not really involved with any professional organizations, because you do long hours at the office. Sometimes you just don’t have time to do anything else.”

What do you think will be valuable for new designers?

“The most important thing for designers that will set them apart is staying current with current events, then being able to relate those current events back to their design. And being able to understand how those events affect their design.”

Terry Moore was a wonderful person overall. We talked for over an hour about her, Odell, my design endeavors, and design as a lifestyle. Honestly, to be able to truly connect with a person on a design level who you have never met but admire was a breath of fresh air. Every day is a chance to look at design in a different light and relate it to everything. Terry’s advice: “Don’t just pick up interior design magazines, pick up magazines and books that have nothing to do with design and then think and understand how it will relate back to the design process. This will make you a better designer.”

Contributed by Lakiesha White, [2nd] year.

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