Living Learning Communities On Campus

February 18, 2013 § Leave a comment


[2]nd year class in the South Spencer dorms. Photo credit Naja Green.

Recently [2nd] year students explored UNCG’s campus for examples of living learning communities in the recently renovated Quads and in the South Spencer dorms. Natalie, a resident of South Spencer dorms, explained that the “community” is created through the activities her entire dorm participates in together. This includes specified dinners, taking classes together, trips, and mingling in the learning quarters. The learning environment has been influenced by years of tradition and “inside jokes.”


[2]nd year in the Quad. Photo credit Naja Green.

Teraesa, a resident of the recently renovated Quads, introduced us to a designated learning quarter within the dorm. Unlike the South Spencer dorm, the Quads were renovated in reference to the past, but it was not configured to mimic the existing design. The activities that occur in this area range from group study sessions to a place for all-nighters. There are designated kitchen and bathroom facilities in close proximity to the learning quarter for more functional adjacencies of rooms. The exploration of past renovations and recent renovations was informative in the ways the future of the campus may develop.

Contributed by Naja Green, [2nd] year.


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