Exploring Place in the Grad Studio

February 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

IARc graduate students in Tina Sarawgi’s 502 studio began the semester with a trip to Chicago and an exploratory project about place making. Christian Norberg-Schulz wrote “A place is a space that has a distinct character. Since ancient time, the genius loci, or ‘spirit of place,’ has been recognized as the concrete reality [we] have to face and come to terms with in [our] daily life. Architecture means to visualize the genius loci, and the task of the [designer] is to create meaningful places, whereby [the designer] helps [humans] dwell.”

After reading an excerpt from Christian Norberg-Schulz’s Genius Loci: Towards A Phenomenology of Architecture, the students gathered five objects from nature of their choice. They examined and explored the essence of the objects they chose through photography, sketches, and digital models.

From there, students used the objects to inspire two interior interventions informed by the natural objects. The locations chosen were primarily locations visited during the visit to Chicago. The students designed interventions in locations where people gather for personal reflection, for camaraderie and entertainment, and where citizens engage in civil discourse with one another. The students explored the special character of the places to create the interventions.

Posters depicting the work process are displayed on the walls of the 502 studio. The first year graduate students are now moving on to their self-directed studio project and will be giving their proposal presentations on Wednesday, and the second year graduate students are all working on their Thesis.  We certainly wish them Luck!

Contributed by Lyndsey Blackmon–[1st] year Grad


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