The Search To Find What the Learning Community Is

December 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

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I was presented with writing on the learning community we have here at IARc. I had no clue that something like this even existed, and even more so, I had no idea what a learning community even was. For months I talked to one professor about it who leads me to another who led me to another. Months went by, and I still did not have my answer. Just days ago I talked with Professor Tommy Lambeth and he finally gave me the answer that I had been looking for. To my surprise, I knew all along what a learning community was, I have been having it go on in my classes for a while now.

The Learning community goes like this: When you receive a project in your studio, the professors will come around on work days and talk with you one on one about your work. In one of your computer or hand drafting classes, you will learn how and do drawings that relate directly back to your studio work. I saw this first hand this year by our Canopy House project for studio and a lighting project for my light and sound class. The lighting class dealt with lighting effects within the Canopy House. Tommy Lambeth said to my surprise, this idea is pretty revolutionary to most learning programs. He also went on to say learning communities connect with the overall university allowing UNCG to let the IARc department to have such things as a free personal copy of the New York Times, allowing students to be involved with the printed media and stay informed with global happenings and issues. The learning community also allows for priority registration for students and allows funds for the department to assist with special events, such as paying for students to go on field trips.

With all the searching to find what the learning community was, it is hard to believe it was right in front of me the entire time. I always felt that certain aspects of our program were really catering to specialized teaching and learning, now I can see the exact reason why that is. We are not just classes, professors and students but a community dedicated to both teaching and learning, and being united under a single body.

written by Cory Odell [3rd year] student


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