iARC Finals Survival Guide

December 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here we are again, another semester at a close and finals hysteria in full affect. Squaring away the last few details of projects before they are due to professors, grades are given, and a much needed holiday break is just around the corner. To make it through this portion of the semester it feels as though a survival guide is needed. I do not know if I can speak for everyone, but there are some small minor tips that I can suggest to keep one from ending up in too much mania at the ending of an IARc semester.

Tip # 1: Start when the assignment is given.
If a professor explains to you about your final project for their class weeks or even months before the actual project is due, this means something very important. It means it is a very detailed project that you should be starting; do not wait until last minute. If they feel the need to explain it that far in advance before it is due, that is a pretty good indication that much work is needed to fulfill the requirements of the final project. If you wait until the week or even a day or two before its due, your quality of work is going to be weakened, and you are only going to add more stress to your life trying to get it finished at the last moment possible.

Tip # 2: Proper sleep and diet go a very long way.
I know firsthand, when finals roll around, all nighters are a very common thing. Trying to at least get proper amounts of sleep will help keep you healthy, and will really do wonders for your mental sanity. Pounding coffee and Red Bulls may give you that caffeine boost, but eating well balanced foods, will give you a much more lasting energy effect, and it will also help keep your immune system strong. A quick reminder, this is the beginning of flu and cold season. The last thing any student wants is to have a ton of finals work to complete on top of being sick. That will not make for great finals work, and let’s face it, no one wants to spend part of their break getting over a cold. Break is relaxation and enjoyment time, to cut loose and have the fun you have been dying for since August.

Tip # 3: Go above and beyond to create the best projects you can.
I know with the end being so near in sight, it’s hard to stay 100% focused on your work. Remember that these projects are not just our professor’s way of subjecting us to cruel torture, they are projects that will eventually help you land that dream job with an amazing design firm one day. All these final projects look great in your portfolio, so make sure you are putting your best efforts towards them to make an amazing impression. Just keep telling yourself, this 30 page CAD document, or this full scale furniture mock up piece is the work that design firms look for when hiring, so I must do my best and create the best work possible.

I hope that these are helpful tips for the finals mania you may be experiencing. I know from firsthand experience the craziness finals can bring upon a person, but remember, that break you have been looking for is so close. Stay strong and motivated and you’ll get through it. I wish all a great holiday break full of rest and enjoyment, and await with great eagerness of the possibilities that lie ahead in our 2013 spring semester here at IARc.

Written by Cory Odell [3rd] year student




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