Interview with Felicia Dean

December 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Cacoon Chair image from Dwell Magazine

Cocoon Chair image by Tristan Olarti


When did this whole project start?

My project is really creating a body of work for my thesis and creative identity.  Though I had pinpointed a direction once starting graduate school at UNCG, my love and technical training in making, art, and design has always been present in my life.

How long have you been working on this project?

It will soon be 2 years of research.

What is it like having a gallery of your own?

Its demanding, challenging, fulfilling, and extremely exciting all at the same time.

What was is it like getting published in Dwell? And how did that come around?

The publication of my work in Dwell magazine was amazing and a wonderful surprise! It was a matter of sending my work in and seeing what would happen.

What kinds of scholarships/awards did you receive for this project?  

I have received everything from being asked to exhibit, to do an artist talk, various placements in competitions, and several UNCG and outside scholarships and awards.  Of course the honor that has put me on the map the most, is my work being featured in Dwell magazine!

What advice would you give to someone interested in product design?

Those interested should learn as much as they can about design, art, making, and technology.  This may include attending conferences, workshops, networking, literary and hands-on research.  Also, investigate the kind of jobs available to you as a product designer, and find a design focus that truly captivates your interest.

What is the next for you? more work on this project, or a new one? 

I will continue with my thesis research, through making and writing.  For my current focus, I will be developing more products and diving into parallel research topics to help advance my knowledge.

Contributed by Natalie Johnson


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