Coming soon in IARc, the Soft lab with Hannah Mendoza

December 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

What is the soft lab?

The idea behind the soft lab is that it is a textiles oriented lab. With carpet, fibers, yarn, thread and that it is a part of interior design’s heritage with upholstery and to explore ideas of space with textiles.

What will be made/learned in the soft lab?

In the soft lab students will learn how to use the loom, industrial sewing machine, carding machines and cloth slitter to just name a few. There will be floor coverings, alternative wall coverings, the exploration of the sewing stitch as a modular unit, as well as crochet and knitting.

Then Hannah showed me her character web for the Iliad and the odyssey where she started out with a drawn family map which got extremely confusing.  She made a web across a rectangle frame with how the character died across the top, male characters on the left, female on the right and along the bottom there are relationships. She explained how there are only descriptions for how the men died but the women were all tied up in who their sons were and their fates. By looking at the web the connections between the characters are apparent.  Then she showed me some art that was drawn from the shapes that the web made.

The soft lab will be available soon in a few semesters, as it weaves its way into the curriculum.

Contributed by Natalie Johnson


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