2012 PAVE Student Design Competition

November 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

During the first half of this semester, students from Tommy Lambeth’s [4th] year studio worked individually to design and submit entries for PAVE’s 18th Annual Student Design Competition, sponsored by B+N Industries, Inc. PAVE (The Planning and Visual Education Partnership) supports student designers by hosting yearly competitions specifically for college students.

This year’s store design challenge was to design a pop-up store for Bonobos, the online men’s apparel company. Competition entries were submitted by the 1st of November.

UNCG IARc is proud to announce that our own Abigail Buchanan, [4th] year, placed third in the competition’s store design category.

Abigail took some time to answer questions regarding this exciting experience:

IARc: What was your design concept, and how did you arrive at it?

AB: My concept for the Bonobos pop-up store was the idea of refinement. Bonobos was founded to create a new, improved fitting pant for men, so I wanted to emulate a similar industrial setting where artifacts are refined and produced. The fixtures I designed within the space expressed this same idea of refinement, as raw elements came together in one purified form.

IARc: What do you think was the most successful aspect of your design (what do you think caught the attention of the judges)?

AB: I think what I put most emphasis on in my project was how all the elements within the space related to one another. Additionally, since we were asked to design a store that could travel to other locations, I emphasized modularity and illustrated how the fixtures could adapt from one place to the next.

IARc: Describe how it feels to be third place winner. Did you have any expectations to place in the competition?

AB: I was obviously so excited to find out I had won third. Secretly I had hoped that all the work that went into this would pay off, but honestly I really wasn’t expecting to win.

IARc: What are your next steps in regard to this competition?

AB: On December 5th, I will be traveling to NYC to attend the 16th Annual PAVE Gala where I will be recognized with the other winners from the 18th Annual Student Design Competition and will receive an award.

Additional information about the competition winners: http://www.paveinfo.org/PAVEWinners/StudentDesignCompetition

Post contributed by Kara Harman, [4th] year.

Images contributed by Abigail Buchanan, [4th] year.


§ One Response to 2012 PAVE Student Design Competition

  • Katina Williams says:

    Good morning!
    I just wanted to say that I also attended the 16th Annual PAVE Gala in NYC. I am a graduate of UNC Greensboro (Class of 95, formerly known as CTX or Clothing & Textiles Marketing & Merchandising), and it was awesome to see someone from the university receive the award!!

    Congratulations and job well done!!

    Katina D. Williams
    Visual Merchandising Manager – Visual & Shop Development
    Macy’s Merchandising Group, NYC

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