Brainstorming Potential

November 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last Monday, November 5th, Travis Hicks and Stoel Burrow’s [3rd] year studio classes participated in a brainstorming activity in order to help generate new ideas for their current project, the Solar Decathlon House. The brainstorming session was based off of both Tom Kelley and Jonathan Littman’s book The Art of Innovation and methods of the IDEO team. The brainstorming activity was a great chance for students to draw out and express their ideas freely in class. The session followed the basic ideas that were presented in the reading which included having a focus to the discussion giving the conversation purpose, keep the atmosphere playful and do not immediately start critiquing others’ work, keep track of the order of ideas to see how they have progressed, have the ideas down in a centrally accessible place, and most of all it is important to sketch or model ideas out. The [3rd] year students completed this activity using large sheets of paper to draw out their ideas and then the sheets of paper were hung in the [3rd] year studio. After completing the activity the class watched a video on how IDEO uses these same basic brainstorming principles to run their company and create a fun yet productive work environment. It was interesting to see how these basic ideas can generate so many interesting and innovative ideas which can then be narrowed down to one collective, creative piece.

Post and Images Contributed By, Katie Moyer [3rd] year


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