IAR 334: Light and Sound

November 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Now that CIDA has come and gone, I thought it a proper time to discuss how its influence changes us as a school of design. Last time CIDA came to IARc, it felt that our students could benefit from an increased focus on the lighting and sound aspects of interior design. The solution was to create an entire class focused on these two topics.

Lighting at the Durham County Courthouse

IAR 334 was created and is being taught by professor Tina Sarawgi. She has a background in both subjects and has given students a more in-depth look into how these aspects can truly affect, change, and influence a given space or design. Through this course, we have been building models that demonstrate various lighting effects, in addition to studying how light changes throughout the year and how this impacts a design scheme.

Lighting and acoustics are a major factor in design. With a greater knowledge in these areas, we can become better designers and understand their impact on interior spaces. These topics have always been covered in our major, but were included in other classes that didn’t give them the full attention they deserved. IAR 334 now allows us to get a better understanding of light and sound, which will in turn allow our department to grow even more in the world of design knowledge and instruction.

Lighting piece at the High Point Furniture Market

The first two photos are from a recent trip to the new Durham County Courthouse that professor Travis Hicks was involved in designing. One of the purposes of the trip was to see the various lighting and sound techniques used in the building. The last photo was taken on a [3rd] year studio trip to the High Point furniture market.

Contributed by Cory Odell, [3rd] year.


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