O’Brien/Atkins Associates and Durham County Courthouse Visit

November 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

On Monday, October 29, Travis Hicks’ IAR 311 class visited the office of O’Brien/Atkins Associates in Durham, NC. Upon arrival, the students were taken on a tour of the office space by architect and interior designer Leah Faile. After the tour, the class got the chance to meet with two Revit specialists from the firm, Josh Brady and Steven Harris, who talked about their experiences using Revit and answered some questions about the program.

Image of Durham County Courthouse from newsobserver.com

Following the O’Brien/Atkins visit, the students were joined by the rest of their [3rd] year studio classmates. The IAR 301 trip was to the Durham County Courthouse, which is still under construction in downtown Durham. The tour of the building was led by Tim Hillhouse, who has been on the project team for the construction process. Tim led the students though each of the different courtrooms, the judge’s offices, the holding cells, the evidence locker, the sheriff’s department, the 911 call center, and the mechanical rooms.

The trip was an interesting opportunity to see firsthand the construction documents that go into a project as well as the building that is produced from those documents. It was also a unique chance for the students to see all the different rooms of the courthouse that they probably won’t get a chance to see again.



Public Hallway

Sheriff’s Department

Contributed by Katie Moyer, [3rd] year.


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