Mini Trade show

October 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

This semester IARc has had the opportunity of hosting several mini trade shows at Gatewood in the 3rd floor West studio space with representatives from diverse manufacturers.  This month one of these events occurred on October 3rd with representatives from Armstrong ceilings, Knoll, and Spinnybeck, ALU, Masland Carpet and Luxe Linear Drains.  There has been a wide assortment of other vendors to come and interact with the students here.  More information is available on the IARc website.

IARc view of tradeshow

Knoll brought their Generation chair, as well as two others, that were a big hit with the students due to the focus on chairs in some of their classes.  Spinneybeck produces leather that is extremely durable that comes in a number of patterns and textures and they also are coordinated with other vendors including Knoll. ALU specializes in fixtures and modular systems. The company creates shelving units that are used in a wide variety of installations including many retail stores we all visit. This captured the eye of many [2nd] year students as they were just finishing a project that included a shelving aspect as well as many [4th] year students who are working on retail spaces in their studio.  They also had a popular giveaway with a catalog in a packet design. Masland Carpet produces quality carpets and rugs for the commercial and residential.  Their new rug “Rocks” is a plush rug with every color option imaginable, as well as several other similar plush rugs. Luxe Linear Drains produces linear and tile insert drains manufactured for stylish design elements in residential and commercial projects.  Armstong Ceilings produces a number of ceiling choices that are made for any space with a wide range of colors, textures and designs.

These trade shows were a result of the advisory board focusing their efforts on bringing industry professionals and current materials to the students.  It has been very informative for all who have attended and is another foray into the real world for students, as well as supplying personal connections to the local faces behind some of the best known names in the building supplies industry.

Contributed by Natalie Johnson

IARc tradeshow floor view



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