A Journey to Hampton, Virginia: Part Two

October 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

After a long work weekend, correcting plans, perspectives, and adding last minute touches to projects, bright and early Monday October 1st, the [3rd year] studio was off to Hampton, Virginia to meet with Team Tidewater ( a collection of the of Hampton University and Old Dominion University and UNCG iARC) on the joint project, the Canopy House, for the 2013 Solar Decathlon entire home.

At 1:30 that afternoon, groups were set up, and presentations began of all the hardwork and devotion our [3rd year] studio has given to the designs and concepts over the last several weeks.

The presentations set up and ready to begin.

There were many questions and concerns from the Tidewater Team and much feedback and thoughts were provided to the [3rd year] IARc studio. A very detailed conversation was started and we all learned more about one another’s thoughts, ideas, and desires for the project.

Kelsey Walker and Matthew Weikert present their groups work to Team Tidewater.

After a short Q&A sessions and some last minute critiques we had a brief break before heading off to a local restaurant for relaxed conversations with all three schools and some real bonding time with the team we had yet to meet face to face until this trip.

With full stomaches, [3rd year] headed back to a hotel for some R&R before our early morning meeting with the Tidewater Team to hear their final thoughts on our work towards the Canopy House designs.

The following day with coffee and muffins in hand, we returned to Hampton University for our final talk with the team. No overall design was picked, but this is not in shame. Many had great ideas to add to the table of what they envisioned for their final house. We were given more insight to return home and begin again.

Hampton University student Carlton Copeland and professors Stoel Burrowes and Travis Hicks giving feedback to the [3rd year] presentations.

This was a great experience for all, and we look fondly towards the coming months of working with Team Tidewater. It has given us a clearer needs of what the Canopy House still needs and what the Canopy House still can be.

To Be Continued…

– written by and photos by Cory Odell, [3rd Year] student


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