[1st] year critiques

October 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

[1st] year studio spatial division project presentations

Last week Friday the [1st] year students opened up their studio to [2nd] year and professors in a gallery style presentation of their desk divider project. The desk divider designs varied in purpose from trying to block the view of the cars, to creating a tunnel of light.  The project entailed designing a spatial division that ended up having shared components with neighbors. This reguired creating a sense of spatial privacy and personal aesthetic, while also working with neighboring designers and their aesthetics.  Also, trying to build and create this project using only newspaper and wooden skewers added a whole new challenge.

The guest critics all circulated through the space asking questions and giving helpful hints on craft and IARc in general. Though [2nd] years were instructed to not hold back any punches, we all remembered what it was like being in [1st] year and how scary the critiques were. We gave them advice on craft like hot glue might work but it’s not the best solution, to think and build bigger, and to focus on the details. Also this year with the [1st] year and [2nd] year studios being right next to each other we encouraged them to feel free to come over to our studio and ask what we are working on to get to know us. As a [2nd] year now giving the advice, this experience gave me a perspective on what one should take away from our critiques as well as a new view of how we might look at our own work.

Contributed by Natalie Johnson [2nd] year



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