Adopt-A-Stream cleaning

September 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last Saturday morning I met up with a few other IARc Students in the Gatewood Lobby to clean out our stream.  IARc adopted Buffalo Creek that runs through the golf course on UNCGs campus and requires routine cleaning at least twice a year. The Adopt-A-Stream program is set out to help improve the water quality, as well as increase stream life, and has the added benefit of improving the overall image of the campus.  The five of us with faculty member Beth McGee headed down to the steam with trash bags, gloves, and very fashionable orange vests. We split up into two groups and decided to start at each end of the stream and work towards the middle. As we worked I was able to talk to people in other years, get to know them, and make connections that don’t always evolve in the studio setting. In studio we isolate ourselves with the others in our class, so we don’t always get to know people in other years. For some reason walking around in a stream wearing bright orange vests brings people together. We spent about an hour cleaning out the stream and found things like bricks, cans, and plastic bags. As we looked at the stream after we were done we knew there was more to be cleaned near the ends and the banks of the stream. So, we planned to return to the stream soon, with maybe a few more helping hands.  Getting to know more IARc students and enjoying the beautiful setting together.

Contributed by Natalie Johnson [2nd] year.


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