Looking back at [1st] Year.

September 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

As a [2nd] year, the last few weeks I have been watching the new [1st] years work on their very first projects and I can’t help but think about how much my mind has changed over the past year. Before I started IARc, chairs were just chairs and I had no idea what the difference was between tacky glue and Elmer’s glue.

[2nd] year model by Teraesa Douglas

Natalie Johnson’s first
[1st year] project 

I asked the first years what they were working on and they say what I said last year, “well we have to take this everyday object and make a connection to something but what does this have to do with interior architecture?” As a [2nd] year, I laugh a bit because I find myself saying as I am working on a project “remember that project last year?” [1st] year is about leaning to build, learning how to stop worrying about if it’s right or if it’s what the professor wants.  It is also the beginning of seeing how the world of design, like chairs and architecture, affect the world. [2nd] year is refining that process and learning how to ideate quickly. [1st] year is kind of like walking in a dark room where you have to start walking to find the light.  [2nd] year is like you have found a match so that you can now avoid stubbing your toe. You start to see design everywhere, in chairs you have learned so much about and in the design elements of buildings all over the place. Design is all around us and it’s so exciting when you begin to understand it.

Contributed by Natalie Johnson [2nd] Year



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