A New Zealander’s adventures in the South

September 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Shiloh Dobie is one of the many new faces in the [2nd year] IARc studio. She’s only been in Greensboro for a few weeks but already her vibrant personality and unique point of view are lighting up the studio.

She traveled over 8,500 miles from Wellington, New Zealand to study abroad at UNCG for the semester. Originally she was going to study in California, but her plans changed when she decided that she was more interested in coming to the South. “I had been to the South before – not North Carolina though – and loved it.”

Her hobbies include hiking, camping, painting, baking/cooking “which I can’t really do as much of on campus!”, potlucks with friends, traveling, and spending time at the beach and in the sun! In fact for the Labor Day holiday Shiloh went to one of the South’s most well known destinations, Myrtle Beach, with other international students in her dorm. “My favorite experience so far has been my trip to Myrtle Beach – the most typically tourist place that I’ve been so far. I had American pancakes in a diner, spent a lot of time on the beach (I live 2 mins from the sea in Wellington, so have been missing it), tried biscuits and gravy, and generally explored which was wicked.”

When it comes to design, Shiloh enjoys making and experimenting with materials. “I like to make for the sake of making – which ends up informing where my designs go.” At her home university she says that students are encouraged to spend as much time in the woodshop as they can to explore how materials inform the process of design.  After graduation, Shiloh would like to work in film or television doing set design, but would really like to spend as much time as she can traveling and working oversees.  We are all really glad that Shiloh chose to study with us at UNCG and we look forward to learning as much as we can from her!


Contributed by Joylyn Troyer [2nd] year

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