New Year, New Beginnings

September 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

With summer coming to a close, we find ourselves back to the IARc grind. But just as with every year before, we have some fresh new faces. I would like to extend a huge “hello and welcome” to all of the new transfer students and to the [1st] year class. Now, for anyone who has been in this major for a couple years now, you understand the large amount of dedication and effort that is needed to succeed. The newcomers, however, may not know what is to be expected, so I asked a few of the [3rd] year students to help out with some advice and tips that have been learned along the way.

Monica Browning: “Don’t let yourself get behind. If you wait until the last minute to do a project, it is not going to turn out like you wanted it to. Think of how long you think something is going to take you and multiply it by about 5, because that is usually the time you will spend on a project. Plan out your weeks so you know what you are going to do each day and hold yourself to it. Also, think about bringing a blankie to the studio because it gets cold!”

Anna Hambly: “Don’t stress over what everyone else is doing or how you compare. Ask for criticism and utilize inspiration, but stick to what you’re doing. Don’t let yourself slip through the cracks under others’ designs. Also, bring snacks. An empty belly makes for a cranky designer and a cranky designer doesn’t design well.”

Beckie Yohn: “First year is tough, but fun. Be thankful of your teachers; though they will push you, it’s all to make you better. You will look back on it with pride. The projects you will do are more abstract, so have fun with it. Be creative and explore all possibilities. Later in the major, you will design real buildings with real constraints, so get your creative juices flowing. Don’t have any regrets.”

Alexis Garcia: “Have fun and don’t compare your project with others’. We all have different skills and ideas. Feel free to walk around and look at other peoples’ work to get different ideas.”

Matthew Weikert: “Try not to make enemies with anyone, especially the other students in your year. You will be with the same people for several years. You will need to work with them and you cannot avoid them like in other majors.”

Jack Kennedy: “Step back and look at your work objectively. This is the most difficult thing to do. Be honest with yourself and find a few classmates that you can be honest with. Real honesty, not that fake stuff. Remember that it’s not going to be perfect. We are in school to learn, not because we already know everything, contrary to our own beliefs.”

Anuj Patel: “Have fun with it. Passion goes a long way in good design. Also, try to not die.”

We are here because we all feel we have to design to survive. Though times may get stressful, and you may feel like you cannot draw one more line or render one more perspective, remember your undying love for design. If you’re ever feeling down and out with your work, just look around the studio; there will always be some helpful word of advice, criticism, or just good old-fashioned company. We are a tight-knit community here at IARc. So with that said, let’s all get to work, have a great semester, and all work together to be the best designers we can be.

Contributed by Cory Odell, [3rd] year.


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