Blog Contributor Highlight: Kate Ewen [2nd year]

May 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Kate Ewen, a [2nd] year iblog contributor, spent her childhood as an an artsy kid. In the past, she served as the Arts + Crafts coordinator at a camp she had attended since 4th grade. Kate’s artistic nature has only further developed with age, and her passion in photography extends her creative outlet beyond IARc. She likes looking at blogs such as Kinfolk Magazine and is particularly interested in that aesthetic. Her obsession with Giraffes is yet another unique facet to this up-and-coming designer.
What made you choose IARc?
Originally, UNCG was my last choice. I hadn’t looked into the program here very much at all, I was set on going to State for their program. After taking all of my college tours, I came here last. That’s when I decided. I fell in love the with campus and program as soon as I visited UNCG. IARc is do different from any other design program in the state, that I knew it was where I wanted to study.
What kind of design are you interested in?
Honestly, being a [2nd] year, I’m still not entirely sure. Last year, I had absolutely no idea, but as I move on I’m caught between two worlds. I either want to head in the direction of Residential Interior Design, or Retail Design. I’m still not totally sold on Retail Design, but it definitely keeps catching my interest.
Below is Kate’s final project of the semester: a restaurant design focusing on the banaue rice terraces:
Do you have any plans for after IARc?
Future plans? Not really. I do know that I am very interested in an internship at Anthropologie (the clothing store). There it is again, retail design. But after college, I’m not sure. That’s what IARc is here for, to help me realize what type of design I want to pursue in life.
Contributed by Paige Hohlt, [2nd] year, Images by Kate Ewen [2nd] year

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