2012 Mock Firm Competition

April 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Videos contributed by third and fourth year studios

This week, Travis Hick’s Professional Practice class competed in the 2012 mock firm competition that was hosted by Hicks. The class was broken down by studio, and each group was responsible for creating: a business plan, marketing material, a firm video, and a speech delivered to a panel of judges. There was a total of five groups that competed and presented last Thursday. The first place team was Hick’s studio who named their firm Ferro Studios.[1]

The project challenged the students to use knowledge they have learned in the Professional Practice course, along with information they have gained throughout IARC to present a clean and cohesive presentation. The groups were judged on the presentation of their firm, as well as the information and depth of knowledge about firm ownership. Hicks was very proud with the way that all the firms turned out, and the level of professionalism that was displayed.[2]

The competition was very beneficial to the class, especially the seniors, who can use this knowledge when transitioning from the learning environment to the professional world. By exposing students to business practices now it offers a look at what working at a firm would really be like. A guest judge even announced that she was so impressed by our work that she wanted contacts to help in her own work. This was very exciting news to the class.[3]

The winning team Ferro was a company based out of San Francisco, California that used sustainability as their driving force in their designs. They consisted of a retail and a hospitality studio, and a total of 12 locations around the globe. A comprehensive business plan, strong graphics, and  a cohesiveness between the group was the key to their success. Overall, the competition was very beneficial to the students and a great opportunity for the class to show the faculty  and professionals their talents and knowledge

[1]Ferro Receiving certificate      [2]   Ferro Brochure    [3] Christy Wallace & Danielle Waye Presenting

Story Contributed by: Kelsey Rhode[4th] year & Alyssa Hankus [3rd] year


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