[4th] Year Studio Update : Transitioning To Interiors

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Travis Hick’s [4th] year studio has spent the semester working on designs for a new mixed-use building to be built on the UNCG campus expansion plans. The first stage of the project pushed the students to research the Glenwood neighborhood and surrounding areas, as well as evaluate the plans the school has in place for the upcoming expansion into the neighborhood. After doing so the class was split into two sections, Glenwood side and Lee Steet side.[1]

Glenwood side focused more on creating a community center that would draw students and the community into the neighborhood and celebrate its rich history. The architecture was meant to blend into the existing surrounding buildings and be welcoming to both students and residents alike. Retail, office space, and hospitality  were all to be placed into the interiors.[2]

The design also focused on sustainability and achieving net zero, this being accomplished by integrating existing elements and installing solar panels amongst other things. Outdoor gathering spaces and an inviting street-scapes were built to draw the community in and draw interest to the area. Adding value to the already existing neighborhood was the groups ultimate goal.[3]

The Lee Street side was focused on creating a transition between the old campus and the new proposed plans. By extending College Avenue that extends through campus, and creating a direct path across Lee Street they integrated the two sides together. The modern design was meant to make the building stand out and serve as a landmark to the campus.[4]

Inside the building housed spaces for hospitality, retail, and a restaurant. The group emphasized and wanted to capitalize on the traffic from Lee Street, by drawing pedestrians in with exciting retail storefronts and green space. The green space, that extends throughout the building all the way to the roof, added places for students and residents to gather and relax. The group wanted to create a unique building that would draw in both sides of campus and create a community feel amongst the two.[5]

The studio presented their ideas to Lord Aeck Sargent, the designers behind the UNCG master plan, in Raleigh in March. After receiving feedback the students have been working diligently on creating the interior spaces of the buildings. The class has transitioned from group work to individual work, and the students are responsible for covering the entirety of the building in their design. Their final pin-up will be at the end of April, and it will showcase the entirety of the project.[6]

[1-3]  Glenwood Renderings           [4-6] Lee Street Renderings

Story Contributed By: Kelsey Rhode [4th year]

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