Student Spotlight: Sharon Frazier, [3rd] year

April 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Photo by Sharon Frazier.

After living in Chicago for a decade, Sharon Frazier decided to follow her passion and pursue a second bachelor’s degree – in Interior Architecture. She has been a member of IARc’s student body since the fall of 2008. Genuine and passionate about superior design, Sharon has a keen eye for detecting the simplistically beautiful things in life. Fellow classmates have grown to appreciate her conscientious design style and elegant balance of sophistication and humility.

Photo by Sharon Frazier.

Blog contributor Kara Kooy asked Sharon a few questions concerning her life as part of the design community.

Why did Sharon choose Interior Architecture?

“I did not want to limit my range in design. I am inspired by architecture, interiors, furniture, fashion, philosophy, and nature. I wanted to learn design by creating and I think this program is perfect for that.”

What is Sharon’s design philosophy?

“I am intrigued by what moves us, brings us together and ultimately makes us feel connected and alive. Design should manifest these emotions through the experience of buildings, furniture, products, and brands. Good design adds meaning and depth to our daily lives, helping us live more in harmony with nature.”

Where does Sharon see herself heading after graduation?

“I see myself heading back to urban density, in the US or abroad. I would like to work for an integrated design firm that creates thoughtful design on different levels of scale including architecture, interiors, and related products. I believe that the most satisfying spaces are derived by a unified vision.”

Sharon’s advice to fellow students:

  • Realize that you create your own experience in the program – what you get out of the program is in direct measure to what you put into it.
  • Trust your own voice in developing your design language. Be confident, don’t wait for permission.
  • Stay exposed to world class design by reading and following design blogs on a regular basis (i.e. Use the IARc library.
  • Keep drawing after you transition to digital design to add a human appeal to your presentations.
  • Take the time to photograph well your projects with good lighting and a white background. You’ll appreciate you did when you select projects for your portfolio. It’s difficult to go back and photograph later since the models will no longer look clean and crisp.
  • Travel as much as you can for inspiration and to learn more about diversity and culture.

Contributed by Kara Kooy, [3rd] year.


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