Blog Contributor Highlight: Kara Kooy, [3rd] year

April 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Kara Kooy has lived in North Carolina her entire life. Her dad grew up near Chicago and her mom grew up in Thailand as a missionary kid. A job opportunity brought the family to North Carolina. Growing up, her life was a much different social dynamic compared to other kids in the south, because none of her relatives live in the state. Living in the same house her entire life, she mentions that renovation projects have provided much experience with design, allowing her to select various colors and finishes.

Kara always loved to draw. She states, “My dad has a natural ability but really no time for art. My brother and I naturally gravitated to drawing. We drew a lot when we were growing up, lying on the kitchen floor drawing for hours.” She always enjoyed decorating and rearranging her room. “Accessories and interior space always interested me.” Kara notes that interior design was always in the back of her mind, thinking that this was something she may enjoy doing.

Not only does Kara enjoy design, she also has a passion for writing, something that comes naturally for her. As a child, she would write stories and poems. She made several attempts to write books, wanting to become an author. “I am inspired by great writing. It is a powerful thing that may not be as concrete as a physical design but that allows ideas to be dispersed through language. It can be easily transmitted and translated from person to person, leaving a lasting impression more so than other arts and modes of creativity.” Writing is something that Kara hopes to include in her design career and possibly explore further.

Her other hobbies include reading, relaxing, and spending time with her family and fiancé. She also enjoys surfing the Internet, researching current events, and watching medical documentaries. “I like learning new things and not just things relating to design.”

So what brought Kara to IARc?

“I came to IARc because of location. I never had a strong direction of what I should do. I always liked interior design and looked into UNCG because it was close to home.” Kara came to UNCG not knowing what to expect, but willing to try something new and see what IARc had to offer. She says that IARc has “pushed me to do things that I know I wouldn’t have done outside of school. Although IARc can be stressful, I have never regretted what this program has put me through. I know I have this portfolio to show to get a job and be proud of, something that would have never happened otherwise.”

Any future plans?

“I definitely want to focus on interiors, more so residential than commercial.” Kara hopes to someday own her own business, a retail venue with furniture and accessories – a place that reuses things that already exist and restores them. She also is beginning to realize a strong interest in graphic design.

“I take life as it comes. I don’t plan out my future and put myself in a box. If something doesn’t turn out a certain way, it’s okay because it makes life more exciting, shaping you in ways you didn’t realize you could be shaped.”

Contributed by Kathryn Frye, [3rd] year

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