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After much design work and preparation, Iarc students Caitlyn Lyle, Dajana Nedic, Sharece Ramos, Carlos Smith, and Jessica Wilson completed and installed the set for the TedxWakeForestU Conference. The conference discussed an array of topics covering social impact, technology, and innovation, including medical progress, design awareness, sustainability, social news, and local communities coming together.

IARc students worked together to design a modular installation for the event. When asked about their process, Dajana noted, “We had to work off a $1000.00 budget and [there were] some unavoidable limits we had to work around. We knew we wanted to work with relatively inexpensive material and thought of yarn, wire, recyclable materials, and fabrics.” The students collaborated on material choices and a scale that would not dominate the stage or speakers. With much experimentation, they decided to work with flat cardboard and cardboard casting tubes, donated from Caraustar and Loomcraft Textile.

Ultimately, their design focused on the topics for the event, allowing the cardboard tubes and laser cut cardboard hexagons to represent social impact, technology, and innovation. The set was the constructed by piecing together hexagon shapes into sets of three.

The Designers’ Thoughts on…

Overall experience

“The overall experience was much different than a usual internship due to the fact that we worked as a group to come up with a design that was all our own.” -Dajana Nedic

“It was fun to work with a group of students from Wake Forest. It was an example of a real world project with a real deadline. Part of the experience was working with student’s vision and what they wanted to see and a marriage of these two.” -Carlos Smith

“Empowering because we [the group] had total control of design of the project. We chose the material, the direction, and concept.” -Jessica Wilson

Challenges during the project…

“We didn’t know how much stage we could take up or where the screen would be and how we would work under budget.” -Carlos Smith

“The set design took place in Wait Chapel which has a lot of history and value, so there was concern about what to design and what not.” -Jessica Wilson

IARc resources…

“Iarc was a major resource in that we could not have made any of this installation possible. CAM studio provided us with the use of storage and the laser cutter to cut the hexagons and tubes down to size.” -Dajana Nedic

“Stoel Burrows helped with managing us as, well as corresponding with the Project Manager from Wake Forest. Stoel tracked down our donors and provided a lot of encouragement and support throughout the project.” -Carlos Smith

“CAM Studio was most helpful; it cut our work in half.” -Jessica Wilson


To see more event photos and information, visit their website.

video contributed by Carlos Smith




all photos contributed by Dajana Nedic

Contributed by Kathryn Frye, [3rd year]

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